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Originally Posted by polybi34 View Post
To all the smart-aleck responses, all the haters, all the incredibly judgmental responses I've received: I'm disappointed. I thought the poly community was more loving than that. But hey it's the internet, I guess, so what do I expect.
(now everyone is wondering what they said and how it could be seen as the things you have pointed out here). If you want support and opinions I would suggest NOT writing these kinds of things and taking what people say with a grain of salt. Writing that people are haters is a show stopper that makes people shrug and say "whatever" and move on.

Maybe look at why you reacted in this way? Forums are for open discussion beyond what the OP has asked or said. I know its hard not to take it personally, but its a writing style when people "speak" a certain way about people on a public forum. Its kind of like they don't realize you are real. It can be a really useful tool to understand what you are not hearing from friends and those around you. People in real life are not going to say what people on a forum say because they have empathy for you and know you. On a forum people don't know you and can offer an insight that I think is invaluable when one manages to push past feeling judged and see what they have written in the larger perspective; more holistically. Good luck with that if you choose to put to use anything of what I have just said.
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