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Default Eeeeeeek!

Greetings from southern Colorado!

I'm female, in my 40's, and have been poly-curious for many years but stuck in the societally-approved monogamous-cheating pattern until now. I am free of my last monogamous relationship (which was with a woman), and I never, ever want to lie and sneak around, ever again.

I have two "significant men" in my life. One is pretty serious; the "m" word has been mentioned, and we're making plans to move in together in the spring. The other one is a long-time mutual attraction with whom I share some regular "friendly groping". I've been careful to let each of them know about the other all along.

I just introduced them to each other. Egad, if you looked up "extreme weirdness" in the dictionary, there would totally be a picture of my stomach tied up in knots in there.

So far, my grope-partner is totally cool with the whole thing, and I have high hopes for the other one.

All right, so where the devil do we go from here?

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