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Default My two loves... well two of my loves

F is not much of a talker, but he is do-er. I'm a talker, over and over on the same subject until I've said it 10 ways. He prefers one, clear, measured conversation, and then to act on that conversation.

He considers time in the same room together time, while I only count interaction time as together time. I remedy this by touching him, laying on his shoulder while he plays a video game makes me feel like we are together.

F is stubborn, not likely to change how he feels or reacts to anything, even when presented a good argument, unless multiple people present the same argument - in his eyes.

F is a take life as it comes type of person, while I like to plan.

As different as F and I are, he is good for me, he forces me out of my comfort zone, but he does so gently, he recognizes that we are different, he respects my boundaries but encourages me to push them.

And I love him for all of that. I love him for being who he is and not changing for me. He's the first guy who loved me and showed his love the way he does.

John on the other hand is very much like me.
He is willing to talk as much as I want to and never asks me to cut it short or get frustrated when I say the same basic thing over and over

John likes to be close physically and really only counts time spent close as time together.

John is willing to change his point of view, if the argument is a good one.

John accepts me for who I am, he loves me unconditionally. He doesnt expect or even want me to change anything about who I am.

And I love him for that. I love that he loves me with everything he has, that he shows me every day how special I am to him, even from 1500 miles away.
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