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I am over due for a pap, and now will probably be more over due seeing as I just took my boy there to discuss my many partners. Just a little embarrassed.

I am thinking that now that I am about to turn 40 I will have to start getting those dreaded mammograms.

As for safe sex? I am in a poly fi relationship so we don't check all that often. Mono and I did a test when we met and that was it. My husband just had one done as he has a boyfriend.... he uses a condom with me and the boyfriend. I don't give him blow jobs that often and besides he is super safe sex guy, so I don't worry. I'm fluid bonded with Mono, and a good thing too cause there is lots of fluid going on!

My tertiary and I use condoms but our relationship is mostly based on SM so I am not all the worried about STI's. He isn't seeing anyone else but me and my husband. If he does then he will tell us and we will act accordingly... testing again.

None of my men use dental dams. I guess they think that I am clean as I am only with them. The only woman I have been with in the last year has never had sex before and now has only had sex with me. So she is clean.

I don't really think I would engage in any sex that meant fussing around with protection too much unless there was a SM theme to it as I don't think I would be very entertained. I like my poly fi situation of being able to get down and dirty and be confident that I am safe and so are my loves.
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