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Feeling okay. No longer going to the career center I was signed up for, thank goodness. It was a total waste of time. So, now I can proceed with some other plans I'd had that were delayed. Registered for this coming semester, which starts in two weeks, and my financial aid is all in place.

Bought some beading supplies and started making some jewelry from other pieces I had, which I cannibalized just to learn. I think I have a knack for this.

As far as relationships go, feeling better.

Been in touch with two guys, D. and M., both of whom I will meet soon (M. this weekend if plans go well, and D. by month's end). I've come to the conclusion T. is interested in friendship and nothing more, and I was just contacted today by someone else on OKC who may have some promise. I am not holding my breath about any of them. There are yellow flags here and there for each of them, so I'll see how things pan out as I get to know them better.
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