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Again i thank you all for your input and things that i honestly may not have though about 100%. We have always had open lines of communication which is why i think we have even made it this far.

As for not doing the "trial" living in together... I will do a weekend or a few days, but it is very hard for me to live between two homes. One is work, as i take work home, have files here at home and then it would be my luck i had to run to my house to get what i need. I also believe in doing it right or not doing it at all and i know this may sound all great, but it is honestly how i would prefer to do it.

I know there will be some type of personality conflicts at time and we have been though them already, but have all came together and became stronger as as a result of it.

As for them not taking my concern of it not working out, well..... we all agree that there is no iron clad guarantee it is going to work and there is also no one saying it will not last 20 years, we just don't know. However, they do take my concern in this manner " Any problems we have, we can work though them and communication will be the key" and i believe we can make it though some really crappy times ( I am going though one right now and they have both been more supportive than i could have ever asked for and i didn't even have to ask) and some really great times.

Again thank you all of your input and please share more if you can!

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