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It doesn't help that Oil Man seems to drifting away. I'm surprised that connection has lasted as long as it has and I've thought he was moving on before. But some time ago Whip asked me if I was interested in threesomes. I told him I was - it's on my sexual bucket list - and asked him back if he preferred men or women. He responded both. (You can see why I keep seeing him. Just open to experimentation.) I told Whip one of my male lovers might be interested. Both are straight so the usual straight guy caveat of no sexual contact between dudes applies.

Oil Man had been bugging me to set up a threesome with me, a female friend, and him. I knew he would be more into a MFF (as would Whip for that matter). But I figured he might be interested anyway. He was really, really uncomfortable with the idea. He's a voyeur so I figured he would be into watching when he wasn't involved. I don't know if he was uncomfortable, ah, performing around a much younger man. I told him he has nothing to worry about in comparison to Whip. Oil Man is actually in better physical shape. Or if he just disn't want to be watched himself. Anyway, he turned it down, which is fine because I certainly don't want people to go outside of they are comfortable with.

However since then, he's been a bit distant. Hard to know of it's related or not. His schedule as always is nuts. I don't know anyone else, much less a woman, who might be interested in a threesome. And while he has every right to turn down a MMF, I also don't see a point in making finding a female third a priority of mine. So I think his main interest in me was my bisexuality and the possibility of a MFF. Without that he does not appear to be as interested. I am annoyed and frustrated all around lately.
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