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The part that frustrates me on "Christian Marriages", or most anything the hardcore right wing Christians preach, is that 98% of their arguments against homosexuality come from the Old Testament.

The particular part of the bible they call to also forbids the wearing of gold or silver jewelry, clothes made of two or more fabrics, and so on. It's got laws about how much you can sell your daughter for into slavery. It's a very blatant "We're going to take this part and use it as a weapon, while ignoring everything else around it" situation. Also, the Old Testament was intended to be used as a history book and a reference to the old laws everyone around the Christian church was using. Jesus himself said that through him a new Covenant with God was formed, meaning that the old, antiquated laws that where being followed because they where the only way to get into heaven where now obsolete.

Jesus himself never makes mention of homosexuality, if memory serves me right. You know what he does mention a lot? Love. He wanted his new followers to love, and accept one another no matter their backgrounds. Jews, Gentiles, Romans, all accepted for who they are. Is sleeping around with both genders a crime? Jesus forgave and hung around with a prostitute. I think that's a pretty clear indicator that Jesus is pretty forgiving of "sexual deviance" just so long as you believe and act in accordance with how he wanted us to live.
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