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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Blergh, built in effects on 10w amps. =P I suppose if it's only something you play in your own time, but if you perform, you could really do a lot better with at least 30w or more for a violin, and probably a separate overdrive/distortion pedal. You can get some 30w that start to get good effects built in though. The Roland Cube amps are really good for small venues and practising. They come built in with a few effects, and a lot of good tone changing stuff. But also fairly expensive for the size. >.<
Yeah, it's just for my own practice, in the small room at home I use as office and practice room. The amp just has the overdrive, no other effects; it's really a very simple little thing. It's a Fender, so at least it has its reputation to trade on.

If I ever want to play around with effects, I'll borrow pedals from friends who have them.

I justified the purchase to myself on the grounds my wife is a dance caller, and may be able to use the amp for small gigs (at schools, for example, or private dance parties); other dance callers around here have this particular model, so I've at least seen it in action before.

If I ever upgrade to a real electric violin - the one I have is a bottom-of-the-line model, more toy than serious instrument - I might consider playing it in public . . . but, then, usually in a venue where the sound system is provided and I'd need, at most, my own individual monitor.

Until then, for public performance I generally make do with my acoustic fiddle and a clip-on condenser mic.

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