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Question Safe Sex - Standards, Practices, Information & Resources

Quath mentioned that it would be helpful to have a thread about STI's and such.

I've been meaning for a while to post a thread about safe sex practices. So here it is.

What are your practices, rules, guidelines or any other thing you follow to protect yourself and keep yourself healthy?

Here are my general practices:
  • I get tested every six months, including a pap smear
  • Any partners I have an ongoing sexual relationship with also need to get tested every six months.
  • I regularly visually examine my bits to make sure they look ok.
  • I talk about sexual histories with my parnters before any kind of sexual contact.
  • I use barriers with all genital contact (including surgical gloves and dental dams) until I see paperwork of STI test results that are less than six months old. (and don't knock the gloves and the dam! They can be pretty fun!)
  • I do not have PIV sex without seeing paperwork of STI test results that are less than six months old (even with a condom).
  • If I am fluid bonded with a partner, we agree to follow the same safe sex practices with other partners. I also want to know what other partners my partner may be fluid bonded with.

So let's talk about this.
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