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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Did you explicitly tell him it wasn't solely because of her instability and drama but because she wanted him for herself and was thus threatening the marriage? That she doesn't respect his marriage or his spouse? Does he understand that? It wasn't clear in your posts, at least to me.
Yes, thus his willingness to (for all intense and purposes) end the romantic side of the relationship. But (bit of detail I left out) she moved to our city to be closer to us/for this relationship and he promised to support her before she did, so he feels responsibility and like he can't be that much of an asshole to completely drop her as a friend. I get that-- but, yes, for all of the reasons mentioned, I need to stay firm on my original stance. "No crazy" is a great policy.

You don't appear to be against the idea of your husband having other partners, or yourself having other partners (I've interpreted your 'polymono relationship' comment as you do not currently have another partner - not necessarily that you don't want one and are so mono - but I could have misunderstood this).
No, that's right. Personally, I don't feel a drive to date anyone on my own, separate from he mentioned above. I'm perfectly happy with just my spouse and don't have much of a wandering eye/otherwise-poly nature. I like the idea of a really-close-friendship-plus-intimacy relationship with another person WITH both of us, male or female or heck any trans*gender (and it wouldn't have to be exclusive with us, just mutual care and respect). If that's not in the cards, I'm not really looking for myself. Just to clarify!
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