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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
I went out and bought a small (10W) amp for my electric fiddle; it has a built-in overdrive (distortion) but that's about it.

Still, what a kick!
Blergh, built in effects on 10w amps. =P I suppose if it's only something you play in your own time, but if you perform, you could really do a lot better with at least 30w or more for a violin, and probably a separate overdrive/distortion pedal. You can get some 30w that start to get good effects built in though. The Roland Cube amps are really good for small venues and practising. They come built in with a few effects, and a lot of good tone changing stuff. But also fairly expensive for the size. >.<

When I'm playing bass, I don't really use effects live. My amp can really start to grind if I push it hard, which adds a fair bit of oomph, but for proper effects pedals and stuff, I just find them way too fiddly. =P I do enjoy the way it sounds just through the amp though, so that helps. =] When recording, I love trying out all sorts of different effects plugins. Just to see how they make it sound. Reverb is always an effect that can be great to use especially. As most rooms aren't all that great to record in, so you can add the sound of an actual good room to your instruments and transform it as if you actually recorded there.

NovemberRain, I see what you mean about the vocals, but I'm a huge fan of the "out of tune". =P In fact, I don't even much like the 12-tone scales we use. The whole major/minor thing we have to have going on. I often write music using all the notes, but I'd really love to get into using other scales completely.
For some really good twelve-tone stuff, - - that is a really fantastic read.
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