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It seems almost that he is one of those "poly until the right one comes along" types. From some of the things you report him saying, he was hoping that you were that one. However, by still wanting poly, you were telling him that he wasn't the one for you. See in his world, you are only poly until you find the right person then you become monogamous. Since you didn't become monogamous, you don't love him enough for him, in his world.

In your world, you love him and want a primary relationship and yet want the freedom of polyamory which is what a lot us of here want. Thing is he wants monogamy and is afraid to straight out ask for it. That is why he called you "the one". That is why he tells you that when he finds the "right girl" they will be monogamous. Not because "most girls" want monogamy, but because HE wants monogamy. Otherwise, he would just date poly girls.

You have been communicating from a very different perspective. You are saying similar words but they mean very different things to each of you.

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