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This weekend was pretty great. Well, Saturday was, anyway. Fiona and Mario had a sitter lined up, but their son got really sick on Friday so they didn't want him to be around other kids (the sitter has a daughter his age) in case he was still carrying something on Saturday.

Instead of going out to the adult places we planned on (a bar with a comedy show going on and a Hooters-like restaurant that is more risque), we went to a kind of artsy area of town and walked the main street. I found some specialty food that fits my grandma's diet, we shopped at a record store (Mario and I are vinyl fans), and we ate at one of my favorite places ever that I hadn't been to in almost a year. There were a crazy amount of ducks in the canal for it being only like 20 degrees, so when Mario was having issues paying for something, I took the kid outside to watch the ducks which was fun too. He is only 2 (almost 3), but he is crazy quick. I told him one of the ducks was going to get him - it was walking towards us on the sidewalk - and he very dramatically threw his hands up and said "OH, NO!" All the while trying to look concerned but really just watching me to make sure I laughed. After dinner, we all went back to Mario and Fiona's place, their son went to bed, and we watched a movie and then the porn spoof of said movie. Keith and I had planned on being home by midnight and instead we were back at 3:30am. Oops!

Then Sunday was kind of weird.... Keith and I hung out with my sis and her husband then we went over to Fiona and Mario's for our weekly Sunday cartoons. Everyone (besides Keith) was kind of in a bad mood. Mario and I were getting along great, which seemed to frustrate Fiona because we were laughing and making jokes while she was rushing around trying to find something. She never told us WHAT she was looking for, though, so she kind of calmed down when she realized we hadn't helped because she never answered us when we asked her what she needed. We played games and Mario was losing, so he got pissy. Then I was tired and had a headache so when people kept interrupting me when I was trying to deal the cards or actually take my turn, I got frustrated. It was just madness. We actually DID get home at a decent hour, though, so that was nice.

Oh, and we've all joined FetLife. Keith joined first (because I made him lol), then I joined, then Fiona, then Mario. Fiona linked her profile to mine (it actually says we're in a relationship!) and she seemed a lot more comfortable referring to me as girlfriend and saying we're in a relationship after she took that step.... I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic that us all being more open about our sexual interests and getting involved in an accepting community (the kink community around here is great - amazing people) will help us all be more comfortable just being with each other.

Keith is somewhat concerned that Mario is starting to have deeper feelings for me. Concerned may not be the right word since he isn't WORRIED about it, he just isn't sure if it's what I want so he wants me to watch how I act. Mario and I get along great. In many ways we really are like the same person with different genitalia (Fiona's joke). He's started holding my hand - a lot - when we are sitting around watching tv. He hugs me all the time, even when we're all just out walking around various shops I'll say something he appreciates and he'll hug me and tell me that's why he likes me. I don't know.
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