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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
And First bf bought me a ukelele for christmas. I'm not entirely sure why, but it's green and has silver sparkles on it. It's quite fun.
A friend of ours in the contra dance world is a singer and musician by profession; she plays a mean swing guitar, and has recorded CDs of funky children's songs. She introduced my daughters to the ukulele . . . and now one of them has a sparkly green one and the other has a sparkly blue one. (Mahalo is the brand, right?)

What a great little instrument for learning to play chords to accompany singing!

(My daughters are also taking piano lessons with another dance friend, and one of them now wants to learn fiddle, as well.)

My wife - who has a degree in vocal performance, and used to play viola da gamba - got a green ukulele (without sparkles) and is learning along with the girls. She may move up (or is that down?) to a tenor ukulele, though, since her hands are bigger.
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