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I'm having trouble understanding why it's feasible to move in together full time but not feasible to spend a month trying it out.

I also foresee some personality conflicts that won't become apparent until you're all in this. For example, you're the type of person who lets his dogs sleep on the bed. They're not. That might not seem like a big deal, but it could indicate a fairly significant personality difference. Do you keep your apartment as clean as they do? Are you going to feel like they're picking on you if you can't live up to their standards? Are they going to get mad or resentful if it takes a few months to train your dogs not to go on furniture?

It also bothers me that they pooh-pooh your concerns about how things will go down if it doesn't all work. I would prefer to see them take your apprehension into serious consideration and for all of you to work out a conflict resolution plan. "Don't worry, there won't be any problems" is not a conflict resolution plan!

What have you guys decided to do if your feelings towards one of them dissolves without losing any feelings for the other? Will you shift towards a Vee, or will your ass be out the door? No one can promise that feelings won't change. If you haven't discussed this, or worse if they refuse to discuss this, then that's a warning sign.
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