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[QUOTE=ThatGirlInGray;120447]I think not being able to handle your partner being with another person IS hardwired into the brains of some men AND women. So, not a sexist statement, just incomplete. Just like being mono or poly might be hardwired in most individuals.


But how can being poly or mono be hardwired into an individual, male or female, without accepting of it for others. Thats like saying "I'm gay, but I only want to be with straight men." If you really really feel it's right and good, it should be right and good for anyone, not just yuorself. But a lot of people, and not just my BF, are totally content with it when they are doing it, but get insanely jealous or at least nervous when their partner loves, cares, spends time with, etc. someone else. I realize that my own situation is unbalanced, but I've been reading a lot of posts here, and I can see that regardless of the relationship arrangement, most people struggle with this. Why is it so difficult?
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