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I have a very similar situation with my husband. He is very tender and caring sexually, ready to let me have my way with him. But sometimes I want HIM to have his way with ME. After struggling for years we realized that we are not going to have that kind of sex life together. We love each other very much and I don't want him to stop being a tender and affectionate man, but he will never be an aggressive lover. I love him as he is and it hurt me to see him feel like a failure because he could not be that way for me. We have definitely been happier since we came to accept that it is okay for us to enjoy different things sexually. It does not mean we don't love each other and certainly does not mean we cannot have a happy marriage. In our situation, poly makes a lot of sense. I suppose some people would say we could just swing, but my husband is not looking for that lifestyle and I personally enjoy the idea of more as well. We have not yet put our poly ideals into practice (barely) so it can still be frustrating when I am in the mood for some hot jungle sex. But loving my husband as he is keeps us together. Trying to get him to change who he is in bed was making us both miserable.
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