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All those little things become BIG things when there is no where to go, because you live there. I would suggest slowing right down and spending large amounts of time, with your dogs there and see how it goes for a year or so. Whats the rush? Why rush something that will be hard to get out of if it doesn't work out. You need to know it will work right? Especially if you have school, work, and dogs to take care of. I am sure your men are lovely, but everyone has a side that isn't. I think this warrants waiting and seeing what comes up. Enjoy what you have... there is no rush.

There are a lot of threads here on "moving in" if you do a search in the tags. I have a boy friend that lives with us. It took us 18 months to get us in the same house. A process I am very glad we took the time on. Lots was already sorted out before we even got here.
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