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I admit it, I'm a size queen. For my anatomy, big ass, full thighs, I just happen to find a long thick cock to feel better in many positions. Not that I haven't had fun with partners with smaller than average cocks, it's sometimes just not quite as satisfying.

However, as said upthread, 15 mins of actual fucking aint bad. I love a nice hour-long sex session (or 2, or 3 or 4 hours.... sigh) however, most of that time is not spent in fucking, but in tit play, oral sex, fingering, use of toys, stroking, kinky play such as spankings or floggings (or many other activities), taking showers together and washing each others' bodies and hair, cuddling, massaging, tickling, laughing, teasing and flirting, and on and on...

Even early foreplay, sexting before we meet, cooking together or dining out, taking a day trip to a new place, surprise presents "just because," dancing in the living room if a good song comes on, deep philosophical discussions, cuddling and watching a movie and anticipating later sexy time, all add to the excitement.

Somewhere in there, I do adore getting fucked, but I am fine with sessions sometimes where there is no PIV, just hands and oral and tit play and lots of tongue kissing!

And small cocks are better for deep throating and anal sex, if you're into that.
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