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I couldn't agree more. I think that in some (or most) cases I am very open to her choices. What bothers me is when she attacks my choices. At that point, I feel the need to defend my beliefs and opinions. I don't ever intend to call her out as being wrong, I only want her to understand how I have come to believe the way I do. She usually takes it wrong and gets angry. She then calls me close-minded when really she is the one who is.

Case in point: She believes that the King James Version of the Bible is the only God approved version of the Bible. I don't. She ridiculed me for it and I tried to make a case for my beliefs. We didn't scream and yell as was normal in the past, however, she did accuse me of being close-minded when I'm the one open to all versions of the Bible., that is the most recent example of a disagreement. I really feel like we are on the road to just being friends, but I'm ok with that because she is a great friend and at least she is still in my life that way. Either way, I'd be happy.

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