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Thank you, vermin.

What makes polyamory illegal? Are you in the US?

Also, not wanting a lot out of someone aside, you're putting expectations in an area of a relationship that varies a great deal. I worry you're lack of communication skills would make things unclear to a new partner what it is you're truly looking for.
I said polyGAMY (polyandry and polygyny) are illegal (in the U.S.) not polyamory.

My lack of communication skills? You mean my lack of transparency with new partners? We are very clear about safe sex, if nothing else. If someone asks if I have someone else, I am truthful with them.

As for my BFs marriage - he had affairs before me and so has his wife. Sure, he may or may not put more effort into his marriage, if I wasn't in the picture, but I'm guessing not - because he's only half of that, too. And, according to him, he has put all the effort in. I do understand that there are two sides to a story, though. This is a common debate among people in affairs...but at this point, I think his involvement with me makes his marriage more tolerable in some ways - more intolerable in others.

Are you a betrayed spouse, by chance? I have been. It hurts. I know.

I don't blame bipolarism for anything, though...having just found out it's a consideration, it has helped me understand myself a little better. And him.

I actually am reading "The Ethical Slut," along with "Lust in Translation," and "Bonk." As well as some other books completely unrelated to sex or relationships.
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