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nycindie, you seem to be quite fond of the word "vilify."

As I have said previously in this thread, my last sexual partner outside of my boyfriend and husband was a year ago. I was tested seven months after my encounter with this other person (in which condoms were used). There was no need to do followup tests to know that I was OK because there are no STDs that incubate for longer than six months, according to my friend the safer-sex educator. Regardless, I will be tested again before I see boyfriend again, even without any new partners, just for my own peace of mind. Boyfriend's wife knows all this. It isn't good enough for her, because she defaults to "Pregnancy is possible even with a five-year-old vasectomy and a 47 year old woman who is using a diaphragm." I haven't even tried to talk to her about what I would actually DO in a case of unplanned pregnancy (which is abort, since I believe that having a baby at my age would be a truly insane thing to attempt, no matter who the father is). There is no point.

If believing that another person is unreasonable and irrational is "vilifying" them, then I stand guilty here.

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