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You did say that he was happy with your sex life. That makes me imagine that he's not an amazing sex machine in bed at home either. You complaining that you'd like it to last more than a few minutes means you really hope for a lot. If he is happy and you're not... that really is a different issue.

Moving at the pace of the slowest partner doesn't mean that you keep moving until there are NO agreements or boundaries left. You haven't mentioned any other issues besides the sexual one, maybe there are some other things you would like to change over time - but I've never before heard of somebody saying that fluid bonding was something they insisted on happening and that one partner just was "refusing to progress" if they weren't OK with it happening. (I'm sure some people do say that, but I haven't run across it before) Besides the fact that it's only been six months...I think it's a problematic attitude for both you and your boyfriend.

Also if you did get to fluid bond then you had to stop because of the addition of another partner somewhere, you'd be right back at square one but even more discontent.
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