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I just got the new of my fiance’ (Polykat on here) wants another relationship also…our situation is very similar to yours…with the exception of her not have anyone in mind, hers may include dudes, and I didn’t leave or give an ultimatum….also, I’m not threaten by another female…so, I know how he feels regarding that issue.

My question to you is that you suppressed this for so long, why now? Did your feelings ever go away or just got stronger over time? Could you ever just say “Ok, I’m going to forget about that part of my feelings to be with my man.” or do you think that it will happen eventually?

Just questions because I’m trying to understand my fiance’ and if this (her feelings) is something that she can live without…we are staying together until she (or if she ever) decide that the feeling is more stronger than our realationship.

I know you came here for help and didn’t expect to help others…but I would appreciate you help in this matter.

As for your situation, does your friend know about your feelings? If not, this may be all for nothing…if she does know, does she feel the same? To me, it seems like he is faced with something that may never even happen. I think that you should involve her in this process…another question, if she does not feel that same, does that mean you suppress your feelings again or find another to explore these feelings with?

Last thing, I feel his issue is that he is an alpha mono and don’t want you with anyone…mine is that I’m an alpha mono and don’t want her with another dude (Kat asks what the difference in the sex…I’m not sure, but there is a difference for me…I’m not threaten by another female).

Good luck in you situation….
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