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You don't have to keep on settling for the first guy that comes along. Make yourself available and keep dating.

You should know by now, if you've read this forum at all, that poly is not simply an option to find others just to make up for when there are issues or problems in one relationship. Every relationship needs to be strong and healthy for poly to work.

You and this new guy are not sexually compatible. Move on. If he is monogamous and you know his inadequacies will make you lose interest, what would you keep him around for? He won't feel appreciated and respected by you seeking out other lovers for sex, while putting up with sex you don't like, or treating him as a platonic friend. You've only been single a few months since the last jerk you dated - give yourself time to go out there and enjoy meeting people without trying to turn them into partners right away. As many have told you before, there are plenty of good men out there - so, the more dating you do, the more chance you will have to meet one who is satisfactory for you in all areas.
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