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Default Learning experiences...

HI Rene,

Just a couple thoughts on your situation.
1> It seems that there's too much anger & frustration in the world in general. Maybe some of what you are experiencing is no more than the manifestation of that. That's what the hope for "Loving More" would hope to address.

2> A lot of people form and latch on to particular opinions & belief systems because they believe without them they are maybe....weaker ? ... in some way.
These opinions & beliefs are formed largely from anyone's life experiences and learnings. But everyone of us has a unique life story - where we began, where we've gone, what we've seen & experienced along the way. It's easy and natural to gravitate to the position that it must be the same - or similar - for everyone else.
Of course, nothing could be further from the truth ! Part of the trick to becoming balanced, happy & fulfilled is to open up - REALLY open up - to those other stories and see what can be learned from them. You can't ever change anyone else's story, and therefore their beliefs etc, and that alone is the foundation of a lot of the conflict in relationships. Some prefer seafood, some pasta and for some, one or the other may evoke fatal allergic reactions!
In some cases, really understanding and empathizing with the other stories can bring you together. In other cases, it becomes obvious that you will never share the same worldview and therefore there will always be the potential for conflict. Better to call that as it is sometimes and move down your own path with only best wishes for all involved.
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