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Default I'm Back... New Guy... Wish he was poly

It's been a while since I've been here. After seeing the light on the jerk that "introduced" me to the "lifestyle", I laid low for a while to take some time for myself. During that time, I met a very nice guy. He's the polar opposite of the bad boy I dated before, but get this... I am bored out of my mind.

He's everything a typical mono person would want, I guess (attentive, sweet, affectionate, etc.), but I'm finding it hard to stay focused with him, especially after our first sexual episode.

How can I put this? His "equipment" size leaves a LOT to be desired, and he's quick draw McGraw. Seriously... 15 minutes tops. It's SOOOOO frustrating!

So here comes my selfish part. He's great "relationship" material, and I really like his loyalty, etc., but I already know that if the sex isn't good, I am going to lose interest very quickly. I even found myself missing the jerk while having sex with this new guy (he was AMAZING in bed).

I would like to keep options open on both sides, but this new guy strikes me as a die hard traditionalist (he wants the white picket fence and a dog), and I don't think he will go for the "sharing" aspect of a poly relationship.

My personal belief is that poly takes the pressure of trying to be someone's everything and get what you need from multiple people. In my perfect world, I would want to keep "nice guy" as my BF and then have the freedom to be sexually pleased by someone else?

WTF?!?! Is this remotely reasonable, or am I going to be the one who will have a nice, reliable, comfortable mini van in the driveway but always yearn for the Ferrari?
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