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I've enjoyed reading your blog, hope you have a good trip! I'm exited to hear how the connection between you and Aurora feels again when you're there. I've been in an LDR with Mya since the beginning, so not unfamiliar with building a relationship with the distance.

One thing I'd like to comment about non-verbal communication, and reading it. I'm one of those people who have that fantastic skill. Not so much because of any healthy reasons, but because I needed that growing up. And you know, it's not always a good thing. If you are really good at knowing how the other person feels without them needing to tell you it has the consequence that they never need to tell you how they feel. That is a really good way to create a dynamic, where you suddenly have almost all responsibility of the communication (i.e. you read him, try to guess how he feels and what he thinks, then try to get the conversation going). So, maybe the best thing is not for you and Drew to have Aurora as a translator, perhaps it is better that he is now expected to communicate verbally what he feels... It may be difficult for you both first, but it may lead to a better outcome. What do you think?
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