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Default Not sure if I belong here

I am a married woman (separated.) My "boyfriend" is married.

We are currently exploring polyamory within our relationship. (My husband and his wife do not "know" about our affair.)

I'm not sure how I feel about it - though, so far, I'm the only one who has had other lovers, openly. (He had a ONS earlier in our relationship that I found out about after the fact.)

So...I don't think we're just fucking around. I'm looking for someone to be a friend and lover when my boyfriend is unavailable (which is often, under the circumstances.) I've found that most men have had a problem with the "friend" part. I don't want to replace boyfriend, emotionally, but I don't just want it to be a booty call, either.

Boyfriend admitted (after I suggested it) that he wouldn't mind seeing someone else occasionally, too. My issue is that if he doesn't have time for me - he won't/shouldn't have time for someone else.

That's my story..and I'm sticking to it.
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