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My guidelines are more for myself than for other partners.

I use condoms with ALL of my partners. This, for me, is non-negotiable.

If I start a sexual relationship with a new partner, either casual or romantic, I let any/all existing partners know at the earliest possible conveniance, be that before or after the fact.

I do not have casual sex with people that I believe are not emotionally or mentally stable (untreated severe depression, for an example), or other cases that could cause angst, hurt, or drama, if avoidable.

As for my partner(s), I expect them to keep me aware of any change in risk factors - if they have sex with a new partner, fluid bond with a partner, etc.

I would appreciate my "primary" partner letting me know about dates or potential dates at the earliest conveniance (before or after the fact). I don't know that I "require" it, per se, but I can't even begin to imagine my "primary" partner NOT telling me about a date, so it's really a moot point.

If a partner causes me an inordinate amount of drama, I will not continue to date them. For example, if the partner starts dating someone who is cheating on their partner(s), I would remove myself from the equation. After all, I can't/won't control who my partner(s) date; I can only control my level of involvement.
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