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The way I read it:
- PolyWife slept with now-husband on the "first date" or whatever, and didn't start a relationship until sex had already happened. So she hasn't had the "dating relationship that THEN transitions to being sexually involved" experience.
- Boyfriend has met husband. On Monday, boyfriend will meet husband's girlfriend. It will be the first time all 4 of them have hung out.

Oh, and as far as our guidelines/boundaries go:
My husband and I have been OPP for our entire relationship for a variety of reasons, and that was 99% fine with me, since it's the choice I would have made anyway in most situations. That has now changed due to the relationship that developed between TGIB and me (squee!). There has been no "everyone sit down at the table" conversation though. Monochrome and I discussed what was pertinent to our relationship, and TGIB and I discussed what was pertinent to our relationship. I presented points of view from the other party as necessary but I REALLY can't see them talking to each other about having sex with me. Just thinking about it is making me giggle, actually. Neither one of them even wants to know any details about my sex life with the other. They both know it happens (or will happen) and are happy that I'm happy, and that's enough. The End.
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