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Default Sex the final frontier...

So boyfriend and I are ready for sex (WEEEE) but since my husband I have not really transitioned out of datingish relationship status to a sexual one. Honestly, I slept with my husband the first night and didn't start dating him until the next day so I have never needed to transition. Even though boyfriend said he was a virgin he got tested for STI's per guidelines and I got tested on Tuesday and should have the results the week of the 23rd.

They have already met (boyfriend and spouse) and we are having an MLK day BBQ/study party where he will meet spouses girlfriend. So hopefully this all continues to go well but it will be interesting to see how having all four of us together on Monday goes. <3

On a related note what are your relationship guidelines from your Primary partner (assuming you have one). Ours currently is everyone gets tested and after results once they are (the two involved) ready for sex then everyone sits down for a dinner or get together to make sure everyone is on the same page still. Then stuff happens all natural like (it doesn't have to be supervised or ok'd at that point).
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