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@nycindie, I'm so glad you did write about yourself so I could say, my loneliness is not an absolute feeling of being alone, it's this:
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Hi PaperGrace,
The truth is I like my autonomy, yet sometimes when I lay in bed alone at night I feel the loneliness like crazy. And until it comes to fruition that I do have another relationship, I am left to feel the holes in this one, even though I am happy with it and do love him.
Yes, I am crazy busy with friends, and responsibilities, and more. But I am still empty at times. I am a little less lonely because you understand.

And this:
Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
...a sense of joy and abandon
I aspire to that joy and abandon. I had it when I met my SO. I'd like to find it again. I'll need to make a decision and find peace with it, what ever it is. Thanks for giving me the space to hash it out.

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