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Default Dating drama

So a few months ago my girlfriend and I had a discussion that we would make better friends than lovers as we aren't looking for the same thing. Up until this point things have been just fine. We hang out and have a good time together.

Being that we live in a pretty small town we were discussing dates that we had been on/were going on. As it turns out the woman that I had a coffee date lined up with for the next night had stood my friend up a few weeks earlier. I didn't think anything of it at the time and just took it as a warning that I might be stood up too. As it turns out she was really upset that I would consider even going out to meet someone who had stood her up. (I didn't know until less than 24 hours before my planned date).

I went out anyway but now I don't know how things stand with my friend. I don't want to lose this friendship but I also don't think she has any place to dictate who I chose to meet. As of this point I have no idea if the coffee date and I will even have another date. So what should I do to keep everyone as happy as possible?

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