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Default Melodrama

I appreciate the kind words and to the second poster, I did not find your words insensitive but wise. It's funny I didn't feel as though I was blaming anyone because I was perhaps only blaming myself or a part of me that I do not like.

I have so little patience with people grappling with internalized biphobia, homophobia and the like and yet I'm here wishing that I wasn't poly. I know that it isn't possible but if some crazy right wingers had a free camp to cure me of my polyamory I'd probably send for a free brochure.

When I told my partner I wished I wasn't poly he only replied that it made him sad and that he wanted me to learn to love and accept that part of myself and perhaps one day even celebrate it the way we celebrate our queerness.

Your comments helped me put things into perspective. I was embarrassed to use any internet monikers that might reveal my queer lady blogger identity. No I think my silly name "Sadface" is quite laughable. Anyhow, thank you for the kindness.
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