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After almost 4 months of unemployment I have finally landed a job, that pays better than my previous and the benefits are great. Been working for the past 2 days and I get along well with everyone in the office.

My relationship with Jess and Mark is really strong, and feels like it is growing even stronger every day. I no longer feel as if I'm the "little one." The extensive time spent with both of them while I was unemployed helped lift my spirit just as ClosetPoly stated.

I'm also preparing to work on my first novel. I posted a lot of short stories on a few online websites throughout the past 3 years and I'm trying to save up enough $$$ to fund my overseas trip for research in the future. Writing has always been one of my hobbies and now I'm taking it a lot more serious. So geeked up today!
Do what you are.

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