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WOW! I'm so glad I stumbled upon this thread!!! Hopefully this is posted in the right place!

My wife and I are and odd mix of religious beliefs, seems there's nothing strange about that these days! I have Pagan /New age leanings and though I was raised Southern Baptist I never really connected with Christianity. My wife is a "recovering" Christian with a new acceptance of the validity of other paths!

Neither of us are actively participating in any form of spiritual endeavor and we have discussed our local UU church as a possible way to pursue our spiritual lives together. However, we are in a tiny ULTRA, ULTRA CONSERVATIVE town in Pennsylvania near Gettysburg (also small/ultra conservative).

We are also considering approaching a poly relationship which compounds the problem we face! The local UU church is for all intents and purposes a Christian church. It is VERY apparent that any discussion or pursuit of poly, pagan or other alternative path knowledge/spirituality is largely frowned upon in that church!!!

It appears there are UUPA contacts "relatively" local (withing 100-150 miles) but no listing of UU churches that we might be a better "fit" with due to our interests. Does anyone know of a list that specifies a range of interests covered in each church? When we "google" it we get several hundred churches and we would have to sift through each webpage individually!!!
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