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There is nothing that is pushing the 3 of us to co-habate any earlier than i would see fit.

A little more back story ... one of the partners i have known since about june last year and i have known of the other since then also... It was not until about 3 months that we started down this path.... I understand the concern of the NRE... but i honestly think it is over but could very well be wrong...

Aside from the waiting for a year suggestion is there any other signs / information that you could share... Pitfalls, complications and so on?

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Ahh, well, that's not much time at all. I would be more cautious if I were you.

Generally most people find that moving in together is something that people should wait quite a bit longer to do. You are still getting to know each other, and likely you are all caught up in NRE (New Relationship Energy), which is basically a hormone-infused euphoria. When the buzz subsides is when the real meaty work of a relationship happens because we stop seeing the objects of our love through those rose-colored glasses, and sometimes it ain't pretty.

So, to be all living together, sharing a bed, uprooting your life, routine, and animals to give up your own place, before the relationship among all of you has really been tested for a good amount of time can be dangerous and an invitation to drama. I think it would also be good to have an extra room for those times when you or someone needs some solitude.

Think of it like any big change in your life - if you give the relationship at least a year before moving in, at least then you know that you got through every holiday, birthday, season, and significant event together. Is there any reason why you are doing this so soon? Can't you slow things down some?
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