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Ya know, I kind of had an issue about this subject the last time I visited Gray and Mono. I felt like I was monopolizing Gray's time and, even though I was only there a little over a week, I didn't want to be a wedge between her and Mono. Honestly, anyone but Mono and I wouldn't have had an issue with it, but damnit, he's a good guy and I like 'im!

Anyway, Gray and I sat down and had a nice, long discussion on the subject and she reminded me that their relationship was already quite secure so I didn't need to worry about causing any friction, but that if friction -had- arisen she and Mono were more than capable of dealing with it. Turns out they had one of of them-there fancy "functioning relationships" I'd heard so much about when I was married!

That being said, I don't try to meddle with their relationship so much as be there if they need me. I love that I get to be included where I am, but I also respect that there are parts of it where I'm not needed, and that works both ways. Probably to a lesser degree on my end, because let's face it, eventually I'm probably going to need Mono's advice. Gray being so difficult and all. :P

...she'll probably be in to smack me for that in a moment...

I guess I sort of treat it as a family, which is how I think it should be treated. I'm much closer to some members than others, but if they need me I'm going to be there no matter what.

I'm not sure any of that will make any sense to anyone but me, but there ya are!
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