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"Was the other couple always poly. Did/does the wife have other partners? "

They've been poly for most of their relationship. His wife doesn't have any other partners.

"I guess the question would be how would you describe the nature or quality of the relationship of the the other 2 partners versus your husband. Is it casual dates and sex once a week or month...or do you spend time everyday, constant phone and text traffic and had a commitment ceremony. That arc is pretty big. "

I know that Kinda doesn't have his heart in our marriage anymore. I believe that my secondary relationships are stronger at the moment. I would prefer things to be the other way around.

I spend around 4-5 days a week with bf and gf. Each meetup lasts one or two hours. There's no constant communication going on.

"What happens if their marriage blows up? Where does it put you have to choose...or continue see them separately?"

I'll most likely remain single.

"Now we lost KINDA ..??? what the hell "

All of the people here hurt his feelings, so he's not going to use this site anymore.

I'm kidding. He's busy with his job. "There's a notable increase in fatal domestic violence during and just after the holidays". That's his excuse.

"I have to say you 2 are very polite to one another on here"

We're polite to each other at home too.
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