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Default I would like others ideas (MMM)

So here it is, background on the situation... I am in a relationship with two other men who i do love dearly and we are moving toward combining households. However, i am slightly uncomfortable as i will be moving into their home and giving up mine. Also, i am the "thrid" to this relationship as both of them have been together for quite some time, ( They have not attempted anything like this in the past and niter have ) so i wonder if it will turn out to be 2 v 1 in the future if something was to go wrong. All of this has been shared with the other two and they both attempt to reassure me that everything will be ok, but lets be honest, no one can guarantee three people will be able to live under the same household without wanting to kill one another.

Other variables:

Varied work schedules - i get up around 5 am each day and put in 60+ hours and do have to travel and be away for extend periods of time. I also attend school (Working on Masters). While one can work from home on most days and the other has a set work schedule that does not change.

They have 2 dogs i have 2 - My dogs free roam all day, theirs do not.

There is a slight age variation - they are both + 15 years

There are lifestyle differences we have worked through and they both have changed a lot just to accommodate me ( Animals no longer on furniture, in the bed) , moving rooms around so i can fit in ( office space is a requirement for me as i do work at home and homework), purchasing items i am prefer even when i am not there ( Laundry soap, cleaners, just odd stuff that others may view as not important, but are to me)

So... i am just looking for insight at what others have done... How long did you wait to move in and combine households.. Things to stay away from, things that will bring us closer.
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