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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
In a nut shell? Nope, you shouldn't ever suffer in silence. Talk to him and let him know if he wants this, you are going to want it too. If he decides he doesn't because he can't stand the thought of you with someone else then you have an issue. Once you have talked, make sure that you work on your relationship together so that it is really strong before either of you get too involved with anyone. Nothing like adding partners to fuck up marriages that don't have a solid foundation. I would let him know that before he goes any further with the object of his lust. Time to cool it down and work on the two of you I think.
Well i think this might be one of the things that is affecting our relationship. I mean i had many boyfriends before him. I was his first girlfriend. But even when we were dating and i knew i loved him, i still sought relationships with other guys and even girls. I didn't really understand why i still wanted more relationships when i was supposed to be completely content with just one. I recently heard about polyamory and it just...clicked. That made sense to me and perfectly described how i feel.
When we were dating and even after we got married, he was resentful towards me. saying that i snatched him up before he could have a relationship with any other girls. At the time, i was incredibly jealous and possessive and i didn't want him being with any other girls. but i have gotten to a point with him that i am not jealous when he is interested in other girls and i trust him completely, because i KNOW that he loves me and wants to be with me. I just don't want him to leave me for someone else, I do love him very much and it would hurt me to lose him- like i said, i am willing to share.

One of our biggest problems was that he doesnt trust me enough because i had still shown interest in other people. Also he is very insecure and jealous. But i think if we could work this trust issue out to where he can truly understand that I DO love him so much, and i don't want to break up for someone else or anything, that maybe we can work this out agreeably.

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