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Default A question for the mono men

My fiance and I will talk about this in depth and as he processes his thoughts and feelings, but until then, I am curious to see other people's insights and thoughts, etc.

When first being introduced to the possibility of a mono/poly relationship, what was your reaction to the thought of another man being intimate (from glances and hand holding to oral and penetration sex) with your love? At this point, my fiance's stomach turns to knots when he thinks of it, so I'm not yet pressing to get a glimpse inside of his head.. so I wanted to ask you.

I always smiled at the thought of my man loving or loving on another woman, so I can't understand his feelings and he is not yet able to express them fully. I used to think it was simply a masculinity thing, but I think it goes deeper than that and I am so curious to find out then inner workings of a mono mind. Soooo intriguing!

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