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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
I think there's still Gauntlet II games in the Arcades on some of the Ferries around here...
I'm pretty sure there's been at least 1 PC port...a lot of the Atari Arcade games have been. I know I have a Game Boy port around as well.
I remember mine was a port on my Megadrive. I'd imagine there is one for PC. Even if it means searching around for it. =P Or whether it will even work on Windows 7. Could have to bring out my old 95 machine to play it. XD

I've not seen any Gauntlet game in the arcades though. But on a similar note. Time Crisis and Virtua Cop. Some of the most addictive arcade games I ever played. Even to this day, there are still a ton of those light gun games about. Seems they will never die. =D
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