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Originally Posted by awakeandready View Post
one of our rules was that he would pull out for that--and I know he has the control to do that because he's been pulling out with me every time for years now (even when I told him I liked it inside and wished he wouldn't).
WHAAA?! I read to here and was like, what? unprotected sex?! Really? Sorry, not in my vocabulary and totally not the norm these days... how did this come about? Very interested to know how this is justified.

On to the concern at hand. I don't think that having further contact with them is a good idea for now. Your husband has MAJOR issues and needs help. They won't get better by dumping anyone. The foundation of your relationship is going to crumble if you don't address this and get some help. He needs help. If you stick around to walk with him in that great, but its his task.

While you're at it check into the facts about safe sex. Pulling out is not safe. Do a tag search here for "STI" "STD" "safe sex" you are in a world of denial or lack of education. I don't know which, but that is a BIG thing for both of you to work on... this couple you have been with, did you talk about testing before hand? Do you know for sure you have been the only ones? Get tested and get on the safe sex thing...

The other thing I thought I would mention is that the NRE looks to be over. Under a year usually means fun sexy times for most people to be followed by a rough patch where it becomes difficult and rather uncomfortable to adjust to a new level of relationship. It could be that the honeymoon is over and now the real life crap kicks in.
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