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Originally Posted by LadyLeStrange View Post
But what about me? Should i just suffer in silence to avoid a potentially messy confrontation or should i talk to him about my real feelings? What if he can't accept that part of me? Should i wait?
In a nut shell? Nope, you shouldn't ever suffer in silence. Talk to him and let him know if he wants this, you are going to want it too. If he decides he doesn't because he can't stand the thought of you with someone else then you have an issue. Once you have talked, make sure that you work on your relationship together so that it is really strong before either of you get too involved with anyone. Nothing like adding partners to fuck up marriages that don't have a solid foundation. I would let him know that before he goes any further with the object of his lust. Time to cool it down and work on the two of you I think.
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