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Let's see... I played the cello since I was 10, all through high school and a little bit in college. I used to be in the local symphony, but had a falling out with the director a few years back and haven't touched it since. The rust on my fingers is probably 3 inches deep and my callouses are gone.

During college I dated a gal that tried to teach me saxophone. That was pretty different for a string player, lemme tell ya...

Recently, I've been trying to teach myself the bass. Got an el-cheapo four string (plus amp) and right now I'm able to do a passable major scale and the first few bars of Rush's "New World Man." Going from a fretless instrument to one with frets has also been kinda interesting; one definitely has to be more careful with finger placement, I've found.

Oh, I also used to sing quite a bit. I had a beautiful boy soprano in my youth which dived for the basement as I got older. I was involved in choirs during school and even did some musical theater. Unfortunately, I don't do much singing anymore (except in the shower, though my wife would disagree with me calling that "singing" ). I have been wanting to get back into musical theater a little bit lately, but so far nothing has piqued my interest. One of these days, maybe...

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