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So, just an update--

I had my baby four weeks ago on December 15. Fairly uncomplicated delivery. We named my son something cool that I won't tell you, and I'll instead call him Arthur here. He's doing well and breastfeeding like a fiend and I'm just... recovering. That first month is hard. My lovely husband has been great.

My lover Sven was the first to come see me in the hospital after my mother. I was desperate to see him and have him meet the baby and hold him. Then he left to visit family for the holidays and has only just come back. As ever, we'll see how things go with him. He's visited a few times and has been fantastic with the little man! I haven't had a chance to be alone with him, and probably won't for awhile.

In my spare seconds, I struggle with postpartum body issues. But I'm only four weeks postpartum. I hope it gets better.

Anyway, conclusion: I think everyone should be poly because that first month with a baby, you need help!
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