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I come from a musical family. My brother plays guitar, bass and piano and he sings, my mother sang and played the tambourine in a band when she was younger and my uncle plays just about anything he can create sound with.

I sang in chorus in elementary school and middle school, but I grew shy in high school. Last year I started learning how to play guitar (my bf teaches music) and I'm dabbling in learning music theory and how to read music (as the theoretical questions I was asking couldn't be answered without explaining music theory to me).

Just last night I was surprised by how much I have improved and how much more confidence I have when playing music. I used to shut myself up in a room, hoping no one could hear me. I would stand there still when anyone would ask me to play something for them, terrified that it would sound like fingernails on a chalkboard! Now I can just close my eyes and let my fingers do the work, while I bob my head. It's especially exciting when I get a strum pattern and rhythm down because that was my biggest hurdle (that and my short fingers).

I'm lucky to have such a talented bf who is willing, able and eager to assist me in this venture. Although he did let slip that he couldn't wait for me to play barre chords so he can solo over them. Methinks he'd like a live in jam partner. And I am totally okay with that!
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